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For stable and secure digital assets trading

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High Perfomance

High Performance Support

The CDCC exchange system uses memory matching technology to process orders rapidly without any delay and jam, ensuring smooth and stable asset trading transactions every time.

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Security & Stability

CDCC adopts advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture, greatly improving performance, security, stability and expansibility of the system. Functions are deployed and versions updated without system shutdowns.

Trading Assets

Supported Trading Assets

CDCC will support trading pairs in the following trading assets at the very beginning: BTC, ETH, VNT, CDCC. More will be listed in due course. Participate in the CDCC ICO if you have an application asset you wish to be listed on CDCC. (No fiat currencies).


Liquidity Support

CDCC has abundant global resources and partners like famous wine companies, mining investment funds of the Commonwealth and well-known French brands whose transactions will be transferred to CDCC at launch, ensuring a lively trading experience.

Multi Lingual

Multilingual Support

The initial release will be in English and Chinese. Additional languages such as Japanese, Korean and others will be added over time to empower the global trade in blockchain assets worldwide.

Client Support

Client Support

CDCC will provide the following trading clients: Web-based, Android, iOS, H5, and PC.



The revenue of CDCC is earned mostly through delivering company services. As a forerunner in blockchain technology application assets trading and blockchain technology R&D, our services include providing traceability, warrant and credibility. Platform revenue will come from the following sources:

Trading Fee

CDCC will first charge a 0.1% fixed fee per trade. Variations will be introduced based on maker-taker and volume-based tiering.

Withdrawal Fee

CDCC may charge a certain fee for withdrawals.

Listing Fee

CDCC will select innovative coins and other assets to be listed on the exchange, there may be a fee associated with those listings.

Margin Fee

There may be a fee or interest on the borrowed amount in margin trades.

Other Fees

There may be other fees collected for various services.

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