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Ensuring fair and open exchange for digital assets enthusiasts, the CDCC application asset is structured in a way that supports blockchain technology application projects.


Issue rules

Our application asset is called CDCC. A strict limit of 60 billion CDCCs will be created, never to be increased. CDCC is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum and will run on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20 standard.

Note: ERC 20 is upgradable to ERC 223 – in development by the Ethereum team (more nodes are operated by individuals than by companies – the network is more decentralized than Bitcoin). It has plasma and sharding scalability.


For cdcc

ICO ratio at this time is up to 40%, founding team 40%, founding investors 10%, community service 8% and public welfare 2%.



ICO support coins: ETH, BTC.

October 2017

Intention formed for Digital Assets’ Exchange Platform

January 2018

Draft White Paper

May 2018

Final White Paper

June 2018

Early bird phase ICO (private placement investors)

July 2018

Open ICO (More investing institutions)

August 2018

ICO ends

September 2018

Open wallet with registered address

September 2018

Active Trading on CDCC Platform Open

October 2018

Blockchain technology application asset exchange platform development and initial testing

November 2018

Blockchain technology application asset exchange platform online for live testing

December 2018

Blockchain technology application asset exchange platform accessible for customers

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