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Genevieve is the CEO of Timbaktu Capital. TMBK2 is a incubator and accelerator for talented visionaries creating solution to real world problems using blockchain technology. TMBK2 offers DLT startup advice on process, serving as a consultant. Genevieve brings with her over 20 years of executive level financial experience to the team working with the likes of RBS, General Electric, HP and The Chase Manhattan Bank. She is a blockchain and fintech enthusiast with expertise spanning product & solutions delivery, product technology, business processes and operations.

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Terry is the Founder of InventoryClub, an inventory financing ecosystem enabling merchants of Commonwealth Nations to access financed inventory from a global membership of financial backers. The ecosystem comprises of a peer-2-peer financing platform, IOT enabled smart warehouses and a business-2-consumer ecommerce marketplace powered by the InventoryVault blockchain to provide stakeholders with trusted, immutable and transparent data. As the CTO of Timbaktu Capital, Terry provides in-depth technical expertise to guide portfolio projects.

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As the CMO of Timbaktu, Freddy is a Blockchain enthusiast and passionate about new technologies applicable to the environment and production. He works on a number of projects promoting and education about the blockchain technology. Freddy is a Venezuelan agro-food technician who has spent the last 10 years of his life teaching small farmers the best techniques to improve productivity and sustainability in agricultural practices.

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China Community Leader


Gang Liu (English name James) is the Founder of Tuke Capital and the Community Lead for CDCC in China. He leads a team responsible for developing communication strategies that help advance the organization's efforts to catalyze broad impact through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include publications, partnerships with membership organizations, Web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences.

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UI/UX Designer


Qingyue Lin (English name Jeremy) is a User Interface designer and team leader who is devoted to design and passionate about its ability to improve the world and bring a better future to all people. He has worked as a designer in the Shenzhen Meibainian Business Management, Ltd. and was responsible for the company’s VIS design, WeChat public account activities, design, official website design and app design.

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